As content creation becomes accessible to everyone, it has become more and more difficult to achieve uniqueness. 
Content needs to have a strong entertainment value in order to resonate with the targeted audience. Throughout the advertising industry history music has been integral to the creation of the most remembered pieces across the world. 
With that being said, sonic branding is starting to make a come back, from jingles to customized soundtracks, to witty and insightful lyrics, marketers have been resorting to more and more musically lead ideas especially with emerging platforms like TikTok that almost relies completely on music.

We have seen this opportunity as a major step up to our game, given that our internal resources are from a musical and poetic backgrounds it only made sense to add this layer to content creation. From song writing to music production, we will enhance our brands’ experience to become more holistic, un-generic and extremely unique. Our in house Socialize Sounds department can offer a multitude of services ranging from voice acting and voice overs, to jingle creation and music production ultimately helping brands become remembered and more engaged with.

We provide our clients with musically led pieces of content, driven by witty lyrics and enveloped in unique customized music. Our in house audio production team will compose/remix/rearrange and produce pieces of audio that enables the brand to become more memorable through multidisciplinary musical genres.