Sony – RX100M6 Influencers Campaign

Launch and drive considerations for the Sony RX100VI compact camera, targeting content creators and digital influencers. An audience tough to engage and convince.

An influencer’s Instagram feed is considered as a representation of them and most of their community doesn’t realize the effort required to get the perfect shot. A single post takes more than a 100 picture just looking for the perfect one!

The camera that promises to remove the clutter and technical difficulties that influencers have to deal with, so they can focus on what they do best; being creative.
We collaborated with influencers to show the impact that a trusted voice can have when combined with beautiful content.
We started the campaign by telling our behind-the-scenes story of four influencers, from different categories, while highlighting the many ways that the RX100VI has helped them – showcasing their creativity and hard work, with an emphasis on their creative process.

• Reached 2.6M million people in the UAE.
• Achieved 1.6M views.
• Received 21% view-through-rate, exceeding regional benchmark of 18%-20%.

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