SWITZ – Mother’s Day Campaign 2020

SWITZ revolves around the home maker. As mother’s day approaches, we want to shed the light on how our moms shape our lives.

In our youth, we swear against being anything like our moms. In fact, we can sometimes vow never to become them. Before we know it, we pick up more than just their genes; from bigger things like traditional family recipes to smaller things like their unique mannerisms.

This Mother’s Day, we shed the light on the small moments where we unknowingly take our moms for granted through an emotional and relatable video. 

• We achieved an average watch time of 90%, double the average brand benchmark.

• We generated one of the top 5 highest swipe up rate on our Snapchat supporting content in 2 years!

• We exceeded KPIs by more than 10x for Facebook & Instagram, and double that of YouTube

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