VOLKSWAGEN – Takes the Iron Throne

With the Game of Thrones Season 8 starting, it was a perfect opportunity to make our Volkswagen content relevant and relatable to the fandom of GoT (OR in a key consumer moment). However, we weren’t the only brands trying to do this, all within a month of the year in the Middle East – Ramadan – where our audience was spending over 30% more time online, with hundreds of brands vying for their attention.
While other brands were putting out generic content to leverage an association with the impending launch of Games of Thrones season 8, we wanted to become an ongoing part of real time conversations – as if we were watching it with them.
Within 24 hours of each episode going live, we monitored and pre-empted online conversations to create content that was driven by key and memorable moments in that week’s episode, allowing us to make Volkswagen a key part of the online buzz, whilst bringing our cars into the spotlight.


Total impressions: 2.2 million

22.5x more engagement than the Volkswagen average

98% increase in net followers during the campaign

Increasing page virality by 161%