Market research has shown that the UAE and GCC Arabic speaking community do know about Expo 2020 Dubai (90% brand awareness), but they’re not sure what Expo is all about or why it should matter to them.

We created the Arabic “What is Expo?” series consisting of 11 snackable creatives in vertical story format. Covering the fundamentals of the history and future of Expo in video form – answering some of the basic questions about Expo in the form of a content series. 

Over the span of a month, we told the story of “What is Expo?” right from the very first World Expo; The World Fair in Victorian London of 1851, all the way to the present. Our goal was to make each post pop on the feed and be immediately recognizable as part of the “What is Expo?” series.

With 1.4 Million Emiratis in the UAE, we were thrilled for our content series to have received 22.7 Million impressions and 2.2 Million views.

What was even more impressive than the numbers was the sentiment the series received from Arabic users across our channels. The comments showed how the Arabic speaking community are now understanding what Expo is all about and are showing excitement and pride towards the event, there was also a significant increase in the number of shares that this series received.  

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