Garameesh “Crunch or be Crunched” Winter Campaign

With the ever changing cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia, expectations of the branded content they see on social media are higher than ever. To really resonate with our youth audience and cut through the content from hundreds of brands being served to them every day, we had to find a way to capture them with creative they could relate to and would want to share on their profiles.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most active countries on Twitter with more than 11.34M daily active users, so we analyzed the trending topics and conversations to find that the Saudi community commonly use a famous proverb: “تغدى فيهم قبل مايتعشون فيك” Meaning: Eat them for lunch before they eat you for dinner – which led to our new brand platform “Crunch or be Crunched” – setting the tone for our creative that followed.

In December 2018 when the sales of rusks are at an all time high, we launched our “Crunch or be Crunched” campaign with 4 vertical, social first videos. Each video played on a truly regional insight on the daily struggles that we all face either at work, with friends or even family – and highlighting some innovative ways to overcome them with Garameesh.

• Reached 1.2M million people in the UAE.
• Achieved 3M views on all platforms.
• Received 50% view-through-rate on Twitter which is almost double the regional benchmark

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