Genesis was recently launched in the GCC & overall, has a low level of
awareness. Yet, in KSA, the brand is maintaining strong luxury credentials but
has not gained the full trust of our Saudi Audience.

Knowing how crucial KSA is as a the largest primary market for Genesis, our
aim is to maximize brand exposure while highlighting the brand’s unique
benefits and; engage with the Saudi audience to build an emotional connection
between them and the brand.


National Day fireworks in Saudi are a family favorite where most of the city comes out to the local corniche or central park to watch the show, waving flags and enjoying an evening picnic that goes on till midnight. To this backdrop, we created an emotional video connecting the concept of Genesis, the story of origins, with this moment of celebrating the origins of the Kingdom and its modern reflection.

We composed a custom soundtrack, merging the Saudi national anthem with an insert of the Genesis brand sonic, musically symbolizing the harmony between the two cultures, Korean and Saudi. We then filmed the story of the family, getting ready for a day of celebration and meeting up at the corniche – where most Saudis gather to watch the National Day’s fireworks.
Along with highlighting the warmth of family traditions, we also, paid tribute to Saudi modernity, filming the mom joining the family in her own car, and raising the Saudi flag with patriotism and pride.

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