Switz Mother’s Day 2018

SWITZ has been in the market for a long time and has become a household name, always being present in key consumer moments. The real passion of the brand is in enabling mothers, those who  work behind the scenes of every day, to make their role simpler and better through their products. What better day of the year to celebrate mom, the home-maker, and remind her why she is great, than on Mother’s Day.

The brand had recently launched its new positioning – Go Create – to demonstrate the creativity that can be brought to meals, enabled by SWITZ. To leverage this further, we produced a short, emotive video showcasing three different generations creating special moments this Mother’s Day with our limited edition cupcakes.

We wanted to encourage our audience to take the time to make something a little more special, then use the time they have saved with SWITZ to spend it with the person they love most:


• Reached 8.7M million people across the region.
• Achieved 6.9M views.
• Received 22% view completion rate, exceeding regional benchmark.

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