During the 2015 year-end holiday season, Huawei Arabia launched a series of 3 videos that told the story of Mona. Mona’s husband left a mysterious red box under the Christmas tree before he left for his business trip. His one condition was that she can’t open the present until he’s back. We invited the community to help Mona guess what was inside the box. She used her new Mate S Press-Touch to weigh the gift and get a hint of what could be inside.

We used Facebook’s newly released sequencing capabilities to create a virtual story-telling environment. The videos were broken up into parts and the 2nd part was only shown to those who watched the full 1st part. The3rd part was only shown to those who watched the full 2nd part. This allowed us to reach our most engaged users, increasing participation, brand recall and viral actions on the content.

• 4.8 Million People Reached.
• 1.82 Million Likes / Shares and Comments.
• 2.5 Million views.

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