Meet Microsoft’s New Chatbot, Clara

Microsoft approached Socialize with a challenge to connect with and convert more people onto their online cloud-computing platform, Cloud Society. The key focus for social was to find a way to initiate conversations and educate potential consumers about the platform.

With that in mind, we created CLARA – our Cloud Learning And Resources Assistant to personally take users on a step by step journey to sign up to the software – all through chat.

CLARA, our Facebook Messenger Chatbot, used natural language processing to be truly automated, allowing us to give the perception of a personal conversation, whilst driving scale and bringing hundreds of people to the brand – at any given time.

With a comprehensive flow structure, CLARA allowed users to explore the Cloud Society offerings, sign up to their courses and subscribe to regular platform updates – giving the brand the opportunity to cover several consumer topics in one conversation.

  • Over 42,000 messages sent to 8,500 people across 15 pages, in just 2 weeks.
  • 200 platform registrations.
  • 2.5% conversion rate (a new benchmark!)

CLARA’s success is testament to how consumer’s have come to expect instant and convenient communication with their favourite brands. If you make yourself available, consumers will talk to you more.

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