In a region with the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, the mobile newsfeed is at the center of discovery, used frequently by the category to reach and engage young drivers. However, at Mercedes-Benz we wanted to do more than engage. Our ultimate goal was to convert online interest into purchase.

To achieve our ambitious goal, we focused on diversifying our social footprint (before anyone else!) and became the first brand in the category to experiment with Facebook’s Lead Ads, offering an intuitive way to book a test-drive, directly on the newsfeed. We enhanced our lead ads with thumb-stopping creatives using immersive formats like cinemagraphs, re-targeted based on audience interests, creating an individualized customer experience. In August 2016, we took personalization a step further and developed a chat app, collecting leads through a simple Messenger conversation.

• Reached 3.1 million people across the region.
• Generated 10,000+ test-drive bookings.
• Drove a 700% increase in test drives compared to the year before.

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