Philips needed to do something different for Mother’s Day and the challenge was to create a campaign that was about the moms, but also reflected the brand’s three core characteristics: caring, innovative and impactful.

We reached out to six influencers, captured their stories and joined them in surprising their mothers with a special ‘Thank you’ message. This journey was featured online in the form of a beautiful video that touched many hearts and encouraged our audience to share their stories with the brand using the hashtag #PhilipsMoms.

The video received more than 150,000 views within a month, with over 300,000 impressions on over eight major Arabic websites and blogs. The total number of users that saw our posts over a one month period was 2,474,608. And 42,650 people engaged with the video by either sharing it, commenting on it or liking it. Thus creating viral referral reach for the brand.