SWITZ – Ramadan Campaign 2020

This Ramadan, Moms all over the world are facing a situation they have never faced before. They’re balancing: e-learning, husbands at home, kids abroad, housework and (often) full-time jobs jumping, on and off Zoom calls all day long.
All whilst fasting too. If being a Mom is hard normally, we asked ourselves, what on earth does being a Mom look like during this ‘new normal’? And how does Switz help Mom during this global pandemic, at the most special
time of the year for her and her family?

Moms around the world are tasked with helping their families feel closer, when they have never been so far apart; whether gathering them on a group call, teaching the way to recreate Ramadan at a distance, or simply by having a positive spirit in a time like this…
We launched our Switz brand film showing and celebrating the many small ways Moms make us happy in times of crisis, and the lengths she’ll go to stay strong to ensure we have a great Ramadan – all shot via webcam (an agency and brand first!)

  • Brand film has received x2 average watch time on FB/IG than Always On videos.
  • Film has been picked up & featured on Campaign Middle East Front Page.
  • Film has generated 50% more shares than last year’s campaign film & emotional comments & tags from Mom’s (and their children!) across the Middle East.
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