As of 2015, the demand for convenience and the expectation of speed has seen the messenger apps overtake social networks. In the UAE alone, almost 90% of the population uses messaging app Facebook Messenger to connect with friends, family and businesses everyday.

Microsoft approached Socialize with a challenge to connect with and convert more people onto their online cloud-computing platform, Cloud Society – in a way that was personalized and, at the same time, scalable.

With that in mind, we recommended creating a Facebook Messenger chat bot – which would allow Microsoft to be personally available to their consumers and generate leads 24/7.

As a result, we built CLARA (Cloud Learning And Resources Assistant) to bridge the gap between cloud-computing and consumers by giving the Cloud Society platform a friendly, knowledgeable face.

She lives inside Messenger and helps you:
1. Learn more information about the platform (Product awareness)
2. Sign up to the cloud-computing program (Lead generation)
3. Receive updates on the latest developments (User retention)

In just 2 weeks, CLARA has already spoken to over 8,500 people and generated over 200 sign ups for Cloud Society.

Go ahead, speak to her here!

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