Every year in March, millions of people and thousands of businesses worldwide turn off their lights to show their support for Earth Hour.

We wanted to take this opportunity to make Volkswagen a part of the conversation, all while capitalizing on this key event to announce the launch of the Tiguan All Black Package, driving awareness around our latest car offering.

We first teased our audience an hour before Earth Hour by sharing an image of the Tiguan car with only it’s headlights on, ensuring an undistinguishable silhouette.

During earth hour, we posted the same image but now with the headlights off, showing that we are supporting the world-wide event.

Finally, once earth hour had ended at 9.30pm, we shared our final post revealing the Tiguan All Black Package in a lit background to announce the launch to our consumers.

To ensure that we reached as many of our consumers as possible, this activation took place on our IG stories, IG & FB feed and also our FB cover and profile picture image.

The results? In 3 hours we received 16.4k views and 1140 engagements across all channels.