Since the very beginning,  digital marketing has continuously improved to become a more effective experience for both; the consumer and the marketer. Slowly, the mentalities of business owners have started to change from how they perceive digital marketing as just an added value for their business to a necessary pillar for their business to develop. With that, a lot of misconceptions have come along as well. Whilst many business owners now understand the importance of digital marketing, others still believe in surprising misconceptions and myths. Here are 4 common myths that are still common!


Myth #1: Digital Marketing = Having a Website

Having a website IS part of creating a business presence digitally, but it’s not enough. It won’t tick off all the boxes you need for your optimum digital presence that every brand needs! Websites usually have static content that gets updated every few months or even years. People seek online marketing for the latest information needed on the brand.

Myth #2: Digital Marketing substitutes Traditional Marketing

It’s a known fact that the dominance of traditional marketing has become slightly lower than how it was a decade ago. However, a business cannot use a full digital strategy to substitute their traditional marketing, they simply complement each other!

Myth #3: Businesses Targeting Older People, Don’t Need Digital Marketing

Every age group has some sort of digital presence on social media. Regardless of age, everyone seeks digital solutions for their everyday problems. The digital platform has no longer become an association to a certain age group but a necessity to all, each age group in its own ways!

Myth #4: Having a Facebook Page Is Enough for My Online Presence

Digital marketing is not only having a facebook page, and it’s not only having a great website. The optimum online presence you’d want for your brand is a collective work on the right social media platforms and your website as well!


In Conclusion,

Digital marketing has created an opportunity for a direct, unique connection between the customer and businesses! When done right, it could be tremendously beneficial to both the consumer and the brand. With the right conceptions and understanding of digital marketing, you will be able to utilize spot on strategies and tactics that will optimize your brand’s digital presence!