KSA in 2020: A Year of Digital Growth

Socialize, in conjunction with We Are Social and Hootsuite, the world’s leader in social media management, today released their Digital 2020 report, examining social media and digital trends around the world.
Here is a look at the most significant data coming out of KSA, giving us a first understanding at the possible trends, changes and behaviors that could shape the year ahead.

Facebook is still growing

Instagram’s advertising audience has stalled with 0% growth in the region. Facebook was the stand-out performer with an increase of +8.3%, Linkedin +5.1% and Snapchat +2.9%.

Again, it was bad news for Twitter with a -2.6% fall.


1 in 3 Saudi is active on TikTok

In Saudi Arabia, TikTok use rates are slightly higher than in the UAE, at 31%, though the platform still trails the likes of Snapchat (45%).


Quiet Saudis


Saudi social media users leave on average 4 comments per month on Facebook posts (behind the global average of 5), and click on average 8 times per month on Facebook posts (behind the global average of 12).