Socialize strikes again! Scoring not one, but two spots in Campaign Middle East‘s Top 10 Digital & Social Media Campaigns!

Congratulations to our brand partners Bugles (General Mills), Spotify, and to everyone who contributed to the success of each campaign!

2020’s getting a plus one and hopefully, so do our wins!

Shahid x Spotify An Ad For the Last Bad Ad You’ll Ever See

If you can’t beat them, join them. With more and more consumers leaning towards ad-free on-demand entertainment, video streaming platform Shahid and music streaming giant Spotify created an annoying ad to promote their ultimate ad-free entertainment bundle, allowing subscribers of Shahid VIP to receive six months of free Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify and Shahid, along with their agency Socialize, launched their bundle by creating what they mean to destroy. Socialize produced the most annoying ad ever, combining all of the advertising tropes that we as consumers have grown to despise, all under the promise that it would be the last bad ad we ever have to see, provided that we opt-in for this new bundle.

Bugles – Crunch Time

Socialize created a TikTok-first hero video packed with deep-fried memes, random visuals that changed every second and a new dance move set to infectious music. TikTok is a new platform for the brand but made complete sense for this campaign as it is massively popular with the Gen Z audience in the region.