3 Top Tips to Prepare for Potential New Influencer Laws

In today’s world, influencer marketing is growing at a high rate, and so are social media users. This makes influencer marketing EVEN more attractive for businesses that are looking for the best way to use their advertising budget. Influencers have become extremely powerful because they have built trust with their followers. Consumers can relate to them and follow their tastes, styles, and routines.

Since businesses have taken advantage of this powerful marketing tool, the commercialisation of organic content has led to increased legislation in Western countries. This is mainly due to two factors:

  • It is a form of advertising, and therefore needs to clearly state that, in order to avoid deceiving consumers.
  • This is a form of moonlighting since influencers usually have another form of employment.

The question is, will these laws eventually come to the MENA region? With a growing trend of influencers in the region, we could see the implementation of similar laws in the near future.

Luckily we have a few tips to prepare for the game change as an influencer in the region:

  1. Always use #Ad in the captions
  2. Offer a good variety of original and paid content weekly
  3. Take brand contracts more seriously

Remember, your followers are smart people – they follow you, so they must be (duh)! Honesty is the best policy and in the end you’ll  gain more respect and love from your followers. Following these few steps will only allow for a better relationship with your audience – laws or not 😉

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